Smart Moves

Lesson #1.
The Chocolate Move
A chocolate sundae with two scoops of ice cream has about 500 calories. Instead of the ice cream, substitute fruit - strawberries, bananas, peaches, with one tablespoon of chocolate syrup - for about 160 calories.

So, if you can substitute fruit for sugary and fatty desserts 200 days a year, for a savings of 200 calories each time - that's 40,000 calories or about 11 pounds lost.

Bottom line - 11 pounds lost And, the taste is delicious.

Lesson #2.
The Soft Drink Move
Water and weight loss go hand in hand

  • Water in the stomach controls appetite
  • Water tones muscles
  • Water keeps skin from sagging
  • Water metabolizes fat
  • Water with lime, lemon, or cucumber gives water a good, pure taste
So, if you substitute water for 1 soda everyday - in a year's time you will save yourself from adding 150 empty calories with each soda, which over 365 days amounts to a total savings of 16 to 21 pounds.
Bottom line - 16 to 21 pounds lost And, your body cells will bless you.

Lesson #3.
The Chips Move
A serving of traditional potato chips 1 ounce (12 chips), has 150 calories. The automatic eater munches away until about 7 ounces disappear. That's 1,050 calories - more than enough for a healthful, three-course dinner.

Alternative - switch to baked chips. Serve with nonfat salsa. Eat five ounces instead of seven. 1 ounce has 105 calories. Five ounces has 525 calories.
Let's assume you eat chips once a week. Over the course of a year you'll save 27,300 calories or 7.5 pounds.

Bottom line - lose 7.5 pounds with chips alternative

Lesson #4.
The Think Positive Move
Negative self-talk makes you turn to comfort eating. Begin the change to good thoughts by listening to every little thought, daydream, or fantasy that you have and instead of allowing it to continue when it is negative, call out "cancel" and turn it into a positive one.

Suppose that turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts persuaded you to exercise 30 minutes a day, five days a week, burning 200 calories with each session. That's 260 days at 200 calories for a total of 52,000 calories or the loss of 14-15 pounds.

Bottom line - lose 14-15 pounds at least and probably more, as your improved frame of mind will help you choose better at each meal, saving at least 100 or more calories every time you eat.

Lesson #5.
The Salad Move
When it comes to weight loss, green salads are in a class by themselves. Highly healthy. Throw in an exciting green-spinach, arugula, etc., and other raw vegetables and top it off with a reduced fat dressing. High in fiber - eat a small salad or a large one at the beginning of the meal - and, reduce your appetite and fill up the void.

Studies confirm that persons who enjoy a salad every lunch and dinner wind up saving about 200 calories a day simply by eating less of other more fattening foods.

Bottom line - lose 20 pounds through the salad alternative.

Lesson #6.
The Butter Move
Butter fat is saturated - artery cloggers. Olive, canola, soy, and nut oils reduce the risk of heart disease.

So, rather than smearing your bread with butter, dip it lightly in a dish of measured olive oil. If this alternative causes you to use one tablespoon less of fat a day - you could potentially chalk up 12 pounds of weight loss by the year's end.

Bottom line - lose 12 pounds.

Lesson #7.
The Tuna Salad Move
There's bad news about restaurant and deli tuna salad. It probably won't help you lose weight - too much fat and calories from mayonnaise and the oil packing the tuna.

Homemade, however, using water packed and light mayo and throwing in pickles, onions, celery, carrots, capers, or even curry powder, is another story entirely, with a loss of 3-6 pounds if you eat a tuna salad sandwich once a week. Think - homemade.

Bottom line - lose 3-6 pounds.

Lesson #8.
The Food Pusher Move
They're everywhere - at home, at work, at church - everywhere - the food pushers. They're not bad people, they want to please you, to make sure you're looked after.

Your job is to say "No" in interesting ways, for example:
"This is delicious," after you sample it. "I'd love to have more, but I ate a big breakfast of oatmeal and I'm stuffed."

Or, "I can't take another bite, I ate a snack just a few minutes ago."

Be polite! Be firm!

Never, ever say "I'm on a diet." It gives the pusher the signal that you really want it, but feel that you must refuse - leading the pusher to seduce you.

So, resist a pusher once a week and decide not to have that doughnut or that 500 calorie dessert.

Bottom line - lose 7-10 pounds by choosing the food pusher alternative.

Lesson #9.
The "Surf" Versus "Turf" Move
Check out the numbers:

  • Prime rib - 6 ounces - 600 calories
  • Salmon - 6 ounces - 400 calories
  • Sirloin - 6 ounces - 450 calories
  • Tuna steak - 6 ounces - 275 calories
The fattiest of fish, with their omega-3, heart saving fatty acids, will beat out red meat in the calorie countdown.

A restaurant meal is fattier than home cooked. Fried and blackened are fattier than grilled, poached, or steamed.

So, choose fish, choose your heart, choose to lose.
Bottom line - lose 4-18 pounds with the "surf" alternative.

Lesson #10
The Grocery Shopping Move
Supermarkets are goodie factories. Don't shop when you're hungry. Eat before you leave home. Otherwise the candy bar will leap off the shelf into your shopping cart to make sure you take it home.

Do yourself a favor. Eat, then shop.

Bottom line - lose 9 pounds by avoiding hunger at the market.

Lesson #11.
The Dessert Move
Regular ice cream has 350 calories per cup. Fancy ice cream has 500 calories per cup. Try this: a quarter pound of sweet cherries has 80 calories. A quarter cup of sprayed from the can whipped cream has 40 calories for a total of 120 calories.

If not cherries: pears, peaches, apples, bananas, berries - and if you switch once a week - that's 3-6 pounds lost.

Bottom line - lose 3-6 pounds with the dessert alternative.

Lesson #12.
The Salad Dressing Move
Bleu cheese has 60-80 calories per tablespoon.

Vinaigrette has 40-50.

Most of the time you will use about four tablespoons of salad dressing per salad. If you switch from creamy to vinaigrette and you eat a salad every day, you could save 43,800 calories in one year!

Bottom line - that's 13 pounds lost.

Lesson #13.
The Calorie Bomb Move
Losing weight is not about discipline.

Losing weight is not about will power.

Losing weight is about controlling your lifespace and reducing errors of judgment.

Take chocolate candy. A box of Whitman's Samplers. Chocolate is a main weakness. You will never eat just one piece.

So are "chips" 12 chips? Who's counting?

Ice cream. Half a gallon is a savings - "Get two for the price of one."

Candy bars. Cheaper by the dozen?

Leftover bags of Halloween candy - just in case.

You must mine sweep your kitchen periodically to get rid of things you shouldn't have bought in the first place. Over time you will save a tremendous amount of calories.

Then, stock up on fruits and vegetables.

Bottom line - lose 10-29 pounds through patrolling your lifespace.

Lesson #14.
The Burger Move
We're fixated on burgers - and we eat them so often that they're a major cause of weigh gain.

A half-pounder, grilled, has about 800 calories.

Lean roast beef, ½ pound - 400 calories.

Chicken breast, ½ pound - 280 calories.

Substitute chicken for hamburgers three times a week and save 520 calories each time for a total of enough calories to drop about 23 pounds a year.

Bottom line - lose 6-23 pounds a year with the burger alternative.

Lesson #15.
The Muffin Move
In your mind's eye you may think a bakery or supermarket muffin is a healthy choice.

Not so. Just one plump muffin will set you back 600 calories and if one a day is your pattern that's about 219,000 calories or about 62 pounds of hip or belly.

So, give up on muffins.

Switch to fruit.

Bottom line - lose 21-62 pounds by choosing the muffin alternative.

Lesson #16
The Spritz Move
You can't cook without some kind of oil. Oils sear the surface of foods and locks in juices and flavors. And, they prevent sticking.

Butter and margarine have about 100 calories per tablespoon and, except in small amounts occasionally as a treat, they're too concentrated with fat for everyday use.

Instead, we have oil sprays such as PAM, which you're able to control with great precision and only a quick spritz is needed if the pan is coated with a nonstick coating.

Bottom line - lose 10 pounds by substituting a spritz for a tablespoon.

Lesson #17.
The 7 Percent Move
Grains, whole grains, are high-fiber, rich in antioxidants, cancer preventing and weight loss promoting by curtailing your hunger longer.

Yet, only 7 percent of Americans choose the grain alternative.

So, join up!

When buying bread, pasta, cereals, crackers, check the label for "whole." Whole wheat, oats, or whole something-or-other will be listed first.

And, when buying rice, choose Basmati or wild rice.

And, buy bulgur - broken up whole wheat - instead of couscous or white rice.

Bottom line - lose 21 pounds by joining the 7 percent and choosing the whole grain alternative and dropping a slice of bread or two daily for a savings of 200 calories per day.

Lesson #18.
The Pizza Move
Pizza is American and it's got a lot going for it with some controls.

Two slices of Domino's 12 inch, cheese only, will set you back 375 calories. An entire individual thin-crust, cheese pizza has 1,100 calories.

Frozen pizza, oven baked, will total about 600 calories. And pizza contains tomatoes with its healthy Lycopene, so there's good with goodness.

So, pretend it's Friday night and you've baked a frozen pizza instead of ordering the usual greasy delivered alternative. You'll save 200-400 calories each time.

Bottom line - lose 3-6 pounds with the pizza you love.

Lesson #19.
The TV Move
Watching television and aimless eating go together, and because we're focusing on the screen, we're not paying attention to the disappearance of chips, popcorn, candies and sodas. So, having a TV time amounts to eating about 300 extra calories a night.

A creative solution, but one that requires some stealth, is this. Make a pact with a friend: "I'll "steal" your TV if you'll "steal" mine. We'll donate both TVs to Goodwill."

Alternatively, of course, you could put the TV in a "TV Room" away from where you eat and put limits on TV usage, as well as on the food allowed during the viewing time. And think of how much time you'll save - time that you could devote to a creative project - reducing food cravings.

Bottom line - lose 27 pounds with the TV alternative.

Lesson #20.
The Clothes Move
When you put on a few extra pounds the temptation is to let out your clothes or buy larger sizes.

Wrong move!

Bad psychology. Fat clothes make you feel fat. Fat clothes are a sign that you've accepted being heavy.

A better strategy - do the opposite. Forget the sweat pants or the baggy robe - even at home. Wear fitted pants. They'll make you feel better and you'll be reminded to think slim. And, most importantly, you'll be less likely to overeat if it shows or if you're uncomfortable.

Bottom line - lose 9 pounds by the clothe alternative.

Lesson #21.
The Expensive Delicacy Move
Expensive delicacies, such as Heart of Palms, shrimp, kiwi fruit, crab meat, are low in calories and even though the cost is high you can use them in salads to make sure you eat a salad every night, ending up with good value for the money! And, the cost will be lower than you think, because:

  • You'll buy fewer junk foods, and
  • You'll have half the medical costs
So, the real Bottom line - lose 20 pounds and save money by buying expensive delicacies.

Lesson #22.
The Amazing Lunch Move
Sandwiches, soups, and salads make good lunches with enough fiber and food value to keep away cravings without stuffing you, making you most productive at work during the "lag period" of 1-3 o'clock.

So, on your shopping list, include:

  • A loaf of whole wheat bread
  • Lite Mayonnaise
  • Sliced, reduced-fat, cheese - ½ a pound
  • Sliced baked turkey - 1 ½ pounds
  • Tomatoes
  • Greens
  • Vinaigrette dressing
With all the necessary ingredients for preparing your own lunch, you'll save at least 200 calories daily without overeating.
Bottom line - lose 15 pounds with the lunch alternative.

Lesson #23.
Marching For A Cause Move
Getting involved in community and national causes can pump extra meaning into your life. And, if you walk 40-50 miles to honor a loved one and to raise money, at the very least you will require a few weeks of getting ready with shorter training walks.

Let marching become your way of speaking out. As a bonus, getting involved in causes will increase your sense of confidence and self-worth. And, you will want to continue looking your best.

Bottom line - for a 40-50 mile walk you can expect to trim off 40-50 pounds, continuing the training walks.

Lesson #24.
Hit The Ground Running Move
Once your day begins, finding time to walk is almost impossible.

Something else always pops up.

Try this.

Wake up. Roll over. Go to the bathroom. Drink a cup of tea. Slip into shoes and clothes and start moving. Right away! Before you know it, before you're even half awake, it'll be over.

1. You'll have more energy
2. You will have more time and ability to concentrate for the rest of the day

Bottom line - lose 28-42 pounds in a year.

Lesson #25.
Buy Better Dairy Move
Suppose you switch from whole milk to 2 percent. You'll save 20 calories per serving. Switch from 2 percent to skim. Another 20 calories saved. Low or reduced fat cheeses can save you 30 to 50 calories per ounce, depending on the type of cheese. And low fat yogurt for whole yogurt saves you at least 50 calories per cup.

Even if you're lactose intolerant, your gut should be able to tolerate half a cup of milk 4 times a day - to get the calcium you need. Or, you can have soy milk, cheese, or yogurt, which contains no lactose.

Bottom line - lose 16 pounds.

Lesson #26.
The "Hello Feet" Move
Reacquaint yourself with your feet. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Park away from the door and walk. A pedometer will motivate you. McDonalds has them for about 3 bucks, but you get what you pay for. Bottom line - climbing stairs consumes 15 calories per minute. Let's say you do it for 10 minutes every work day. In a year's time you'll lose 11 pounds. Climb those stairs at lunch break and you'll lose twice as much - in minutes.

Lesson #27.
Kitchen Gadget Move
In addition to basic kitchen tools, you need good gadgets to:

  • Reduce fat consumption
  • Control calories
  • Make batch cooking a dream
What you have to have:
  • Two nonstick 8" or 10" sauté pans.
  • 2 quart and 3 quart sauce pans
  • A heavy duty stock pot for batch recipes.
  • A food scale to help you get a handle on proper serving sizes.
  • Plastic containers that are freezer and microwave safe.
  • Baggies for leftovers, cut-up fruits, and vegetables, and for taking fruit to the office.
Bottom line - lose 12-15 pounds.

Lesson #28.
The Food Meditation Move
Before you eat, take your food to the table. Sit down. Close your eyes. Take two to four deep breaths to relax your mind and body. Thank God for the food. Do this consistently and soon you will "slow down" the process of eating and create awareness of the food in front of you. Once you master "mindful" eating, your body will fall back into its natural healthy shape and stay there forever.

Bottom line - lose 17 pounds.

Lesson #29.
The "Conscious" Snacking Move
Snacks are not only okay, they're wise, when made conscious and planned.

  • Snacks give you energy when you need it.
  • Snacks keep you satisfied so you don't experience runaway hunger.
  • Snacks cut out emotional cravings.
So, snack strategically. An apple here, an orange there, a handful of peanuts, an ounce of cheese, some yogurt.
Bottom line - lose 19-26 pounds by avoiding the vending machine.

Lesson #30.
The Avoid "Autopilot" Eating Move
Slow down your chewing. Focus on your food with gratitude. Turn off the TV. Have some music instead. Take away the newspaper propped against the cereal box, turn off electronic gizmos, pay attention.

Mindless eating is overeating. Eat slower, gain psychological satisfaction; stop the cravings.

Savor the texture, the taste, the aroma. If you're with someone, put down your fork to listen to their talk.

At work, get away from your desk. Or, don't answer the phone or do work while eating.

Bottom line - lose 21 pounds.

Lesson #31.
The Write It To Learn It Move
The road to self wisdom, according to Socrates, is to know yourself.
So, let's pay attention to our eating habits by keeping a food diary. A food diary plays three crucial roles:
1. If kept at the time or near the time of eating, it can change your behavior instantly.
2. You will simply learn what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong.
3. The diary helps you individualize your weight loss program.

Bottom line - lose 23 pounds.

Help Unsuspecting Husband Moves

Lesson #32.
Husband Move #1. Have Fun On An Outing
Be a good example. Model what you expect him to do. Get him up and out, on a long walk and talk. Stroll together at least once a week.

Or, go bowling.
Or, go skating.
Or, go dancing.
Or, tour a zoo or museum.

In other words, do something together!

Bottom line - lose 9 pounds.

Lesson #33.
Husband Move #2. Don't Undereat Breakfast
Men have more bulk which requires more calories. Yet, breakfast is the most common meal they skip.

But, research confirms - a nice, big breakfast helps weight loss.

So, teach him or provide him or lead him to a better breakfast.

What is his preference?

Cold cereal? Oatmeal? The "to go" breakfast of a peanut butter sandwich and yogurt and fruit? Nuts? Eggs and toast?

Discourage the fast food ham biscuit.
Plan breakfast the evening before. Lay it out on the kitchen counter. Tell him.

Bottom line - lose 20 pounds.

Lesson #34.
Husband Move #3. Slip A Little Something Into His Briefcase
Men love healthy food but they operate on the Big E principle - expediency - whatever is at hand and is quick. So, if you don't do it right, what's he to do? Head for the vending machine with its candy bars, chips, and sodas. Here are some suggestions:

1. Nuts - one ounce - 160-180 calories, with a piece of fruit - 75 calories, and some yogurt - 100-200 calories.
2. Crackers and peanut butter - 190 calories, and a sliced apple - 60 calories.
3. Fruit salad mix with nuts - 260 calories.
4. Yogurts - 100-200 calories, wheat germ - 50 calories, and fruit - 60 calories.

Bottom line - lose 30 pounds.

Lesson #35.
Husband Move #4. Pack A Power Lunch
At lunch the Big E Factor - expediency - whatever is quick and convenient, kicks in, and ends up with an expensive, high calorie take-out or restaurant meal. Instead, simply pack a healthy lunch.

Make a great sandwich on whole-grain, high-fiber bread, packing the insides with extra-lean ham, roast beef, fresh turkey or chicken, or pastrami or corned beef, with a slice of reduced fat cheese and a tablespoon of light mayonnaise, and add tomato, pickle, lettuce, and onion. Voila, awesome eating!

Bottom line - lose 20 pounds

Lesson #36.
Husband Move #5. A Smart Evening At Home

The evening meal is often heavy, to satisfy that lean and hungry look. And, if the work of the day was stressful, the first things at hand are often fattening food and drink. So . . .

  • Try a turkey burger or veggie burger instead of beef
  • Try a heaping salad
  • Plan for a healthy snack for TV munching
Bottom line - lose 30 pounds.

Lesson #37.
Husband Move #6. Out, Out Junk Food
Men grab what's at hand. So, stock up on apples, bananas, and grapes, and other fruits.

  • Have ready fresh vegetables with a healthy dip
  • For the nut lover, put 1 ounce in a plastic bag and put in the fridge for the next work day.
  • Choose apples - they contain 150 disease-fighting phytochemicals.
  • Choose colorful fruits: berries and purple grapes are superstars.
Bottom line - lose 30 pounds by replacing calorie-dense snacks with nutrition-dense, low-calorie fruits and vegetables.

Mom's Moves

Lesson #38.
Mom's Move #1. Don't Reward Good Deeds With Food
Yes, food is love, but so are hugs and special agreements like staying up late on Friday night.

So, call a family meeting and vote on a change in the reward system for doing well at school or getting through a tough situation, because, using food as a reward in today's culture makes weight control more difficult.

Bottom line - lose 30 pounds

Lesson #39.
Mom's Move #2. Do A Stealthy Snack Switch
That old saying, "out of sight, out of mind," really works. When your ravenous horde descends on the kitchen, they won't even notice that you're systematically changing what to offer them.

Instead of sweets - offer fruits and vegetables for snacks and fruit for desserts. You'll be amazed. They'll simply eat what's at hand, especially if you set the model without grumbling about losing cookies for dessert, but, make cookies and sugary desserts a special occasion. Then, they'll appreciate them.

Bottom line - lose 30-50 pounds.

Lesson #40.
Mom's Move #3. Stop Portion Distortion
Happily spending time together, eating out more often with a group, and making meals together all conspire to make eating more calories through bigger portions a grim reality.

Bigger husbands take more calories than smaller children and women. More isn't always better and that's especially true about the evening meal. So, pay attention to how much you're putting on their plates. Chances are, they'll feel satisfied with just a few tablespoons less and so will you.

Bottom line - lose 20 pounds through better portion patterns.

Lesson #41.
Mom's Move #4. Go! Get Out There!
Whether you feel like it or not, your body needs a certain amount of sunlight and activity to reduce depression and anxiety. Listen to the call of nature and go play outside, everyday. You'll burn at least 100 calories in 15 minutes. Add up several 15 minute jaunts - try to accumulate 1 hour everyday - and you can lose 40 pounds in 1 year.

Bottom line - lose 10-40 pounds out there.

Lesson #42.
Mom's Move #5. Get Creative
Research shows that having a creative pursuit makes you healthy in mind, body, soul, and spirit.

What about all those moments you cherished and captured in photos? Where are they? They're around here someplace . . .

Get them out. Make a project of labeling and organizing and perhaps digitizing them so that everyone can relive those precious moments.

Bottom line - lose 13 pounds by substituting creativity for recreational eating.

Lesson #43.
Mom's Move #6. Get A Pedometer For Everyone In The Family
Nothing changes behavior as effectively as a pedometer. Ordinarily we average about 5,000 steps a day. By setting a goal of 10,000 steps a day - a goal that is measurable and documented - the excitement runs high if everyone in the family has a pedometer and a contest is begun.

Then look for those inexorable times of waiting. Think of how fit you and your family could get if you could harvest all that time waiting into physical activities. And, McDonalds has them - pedometers - for about three bucks or with a salad meal, they're free.

Bottom line - lose 20 pounds in a year by adding 5,000 steps to your day and burning an extra 200 calories, day by day. OMRON HJ112 Premium Pedometer ($40 is a very good choice for top of the line.

Lesson #44.
Mom's Move #7. Get Your Kids Into The Kitchen
Kids love to make pizza. Buy either precooked or raw dough rounds. Let the children clean, chop, and sauté vegetables. Switch to lean meat and save loads of calories, setting the stage for toppings of every sort - even regular mayo - because you can afford the extra pleasure without guilt.

Bottom line - lose 20 pounds by avoiding the extra grease involved with eating out with strangers by staying at home with the kids.

Lesson #45.
Mom's Move #8. Sweat It Out With Friends
Form a group. Meet once a week. Choose inexpensive tools - medicine balls, bands, free weights. It's amazing how quickly the body rebounds and gets back into shape. And, add on activities: aerobics, dance, tennis classes, karate, Tai Chi, fencing. Getting together with friends is more than half the fun.

Bottom line - lose 15 pounds by being physically active one hour a week.

Lesson #46.
Mom's Move #9. Don't Be A Sleepyhead
Too little sleep leads to fatigue and fatigue not only makes you too tired to exercise, it makes a coward of you in life (so said Vince Lombardi).

And, night owls tend to snack late.

So, examine your sleep routine. Work it out. Make it relaxing: soak in the tub, read a novel. Unwind!

Bottom line - lose 30-50 pounds by giving up night time calories and getting up early to exercise.

Lesson #47.
Mom's Move #10. Call A Friend In Time Of Trouble
Trouble comes, invited or not. Guard your heart. Don't eat, sleep, or try to wish away a problem - call a girlfriend - let her help you by listening and responding. Take a walk, call on your cell phone (not in the car) and as you burn a few calories and gain a little serenity, you'll be relieving a burden that's robbing your peace of mind.

Bottom line - lose 9 pounds by turning aside from a doughnut three times a week by calling a friend.

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