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The Christian Church has been lulled to sleep by the current American culture of self destructive health behaviors. Christians are dying a self induced death of obesity, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. But, just as Eutychus, there is still life present. Christians have an Almighty God who can overcome any human weakness, the Holy Spirit as the guiding force in their lives, and the power of prayer which can keep them connected to God. Only by utilizing these Christian principles can the current plague of poor health be overcome.

Dare To Be A Healthy Christian is a church based health program focusing on 4 proven Health Principles:

The 4 Principles of Healthy Living:

  1. Do Not Smoke.
  2. Maintain a Body Mass Index (BMI) < 30.
  3. Exercise 150 minutes/week.
  4. Eat 5 servings of fruits or vegetables daily.

Currently it is estimated that only 8% of Americans practice all 4 of these health habits which offer a reduction in overall mortality, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, congestive heart failure, and cancer. The overall goal is to advance these principles within each church and within 1 year have over 50% of individual church members practicing all 4 habits, thereby dramatically improving the overall health of the nation. Also, by linking these health habits to Christian beliefs the informed, inspired, and supported Christian Church will be able to sustain these health changes where the rest of society has failed.

Bring Dare To Be A Healthy Christian to your church

Dare To Be A Healthy Christian Presentation
A 40 minute DVD presentation introducing the case for why good health is important in the Christian community and offering guidance on how to start improving the health of church members. This can be shown and discussed on a Wednesday or Sunday night.

Dare To Be A Healthy Christian Sunday School Series
A 3 week series designed for Sunday School Classes. Each week the class will watch several short presentations then discuss issues about Christian Health.

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